NAUTILUS training seminar #1

The watersports tourism professionals are gaining knowledge about the human, cultural and natural environment of their workplace through a series of vocational training seminars.

The 1st pilot seminar, entitled ‘BLUE CAREERS & WORKPLACE AWARENESS‘  focused on the local natural environment  

NAUTILUS training seminars about the:

– Local Environment

– Local Economy

– Local Society

The 1st NAUTILUS pilot training seminar about “Blue Careers & Workplace awareness” took place on Lemnos Island, in Greece, on Monday, the 29th of June 2020. The event ‘What can watersports tourism professionals learn from the local community?’ was co-organized by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Surf Club Keros, which are the two of the six partners of the European project.

Promising instructors and professionals in watersports and maritime tourism, visitors in the surf camp of Keros from different countries attended the interactive open-air seminar. The environment- expert and certified interpreting guide, Ms Anta Mavrommati, presented the importance of the natural environment in our working life. The participants were informed about the biodiversity and the Natura 2000 area that characterize the island of Lemnos. Water, sand, salt, fauna and flora are elements that compose the integral part of the environment where they work and do watersports. Through this training experience, professionals of coastal and watersports tourism were encouraged to become part of the effort for the natural environment protection and transfer their knowledge to the travellers on the island.

The event was the first of a series of vocational training seminars focusing on the environment, economy/entrepreneurship, and society.